About Assembly
Assembly 2021 is Urbit’s first unconference, marking a pivotal moment in its history: software distribution. Yes, Urbit is ready to be built upon. We’ll spend three days together doing just that.

- Learn about building applications on Urbit (it’s easy).
- Find out how to work and create on a platform that is fully owned by you.
-  Meet with the growing ecosystem of communities and businesses built on Urbit.

If you’re simply into calm computing, well, there will be plenty of that too.

You’ll choose between two tracks:
- Assembly: Assemble software or work together on projects in small groups
- Workshop: A two day workshop taught by Neal Davis, Urbit for Developers
Distribution Hall
1500 East 4th St. Austin, TX
October 15, 16, 17 2021
Workshop: Urbit for Developers
Taught by professor Neal Davis, ~lagrev-nocfep, who brought this planet the first collegiate Urbit course, Martian Computing.

- We do not anticipate your knowing Hoon in advanced, although experience with programming is a prequisite.

- Program literately using the Hoon language, including source code conventions and interoperability.
- Explain and navigate the schematics and technical implementation of the Urbit OS kernel (Arvo and vanes).
- Construct novel userspace apps to run on the Urbit OS platform (Gall, Landscape).
- Sign and distribute working apps through an Urbit-backed software development service.

We will not deal with Azimuth, parsing, many aspects of generators, event logs, runtime issues, and many other aspects of fully grokking Urbit.
Assembly: Working on Urbit Applications
This is your opportunity to help develop the first generation of Urbit applications to be distributed on the network. Work alongside Tlon engineers and Urbit developers on projects ranging from the simple to the complex—everything from basic games to critical infrastructure. This track is focused on developing apps in small groups.

We'll have a list of projects ready for you to work on or bring your own ideas!
Panel: DAO Stack
Smart contracts built the foundation for decentralization. As digital communities have evolved, so have the tools with them. DAOs need more than smart contracts. What’s the newest stack? Come learn about the DAO stack from the innovators creating tools that shape the future of digital communities.
Panel: New World Energy
The current internet suite of applications for creators is manipulative, erratic, overbearing, and highly detrimental to society–all while being unnecessarily complex and frustrating to use. When you create a community on the legacy internet, you’re a tool being used by whichever platform you choose. Urbit offers a new world.
Day 1

3:30pm - 7:00pm (CDT)

October 15
3:30pm - Registration

4:00pm - Happy Hour / Included: 2 drink tickets

6:00pm - Welcome

6:30pm - Panel: DAO Stack
Day 2

10:00am - 6:00pm (CDT)

October 16

10am - Welcome, Galen Wolf-Pauly

10:15am - Keynote, Josh Lehman

11:00am - Software Distribution Demo, Ed Urcades & Jake Miller

11:10am - *Break*

11:25am - Technical Talk, Ted Blackman

11:50am - Future of Urbit, Galen Wolf-Pauly

Lunch - Catering (included)

1:30pm - Kick Off

1:45pm - Assembly or Workshop: Day 1
Day 3

10:00am - 6:00pm (CDT)

October 17
10:00am - Panel: New World Energy

11:15am - Assembly or Workshop: Day 2

Lunch - Catering (included)

1:30pm - Assembly or Workshop: Day 2

5:30pm - Closing Talk: Building Tools for a Post-Cringe Society
A majority of this event is unstructured. There will be a few speakers and panelists to share updates on software distribution, new world energy, and the future of Urbit.

More coming soon...
Josh Lehman
Director of Urbit Foundation

Software Distribution
Galen Wolfe-Pauly
CEO of Tlon Corporation

Future of Urbit
Neal Davis
Computer Science at University of Illinois

Workshop: Urbit for Developers
JUstin Murphy
Social scientist, PhD

New World Energy
Haleek Maul
Musician, Artist and
Founder of Holdersland

New World Energy
Edouard Urcades
Interface at

Distribution Demo
Ted Blackman
Infrastructure at

Technical Talk
Jake Miller
Infrastructure at

Distribution Demo
Riva-Melissa Tez

Building Tools for a
Post-Cringe Society
Lane Rettig

DAO Stack
Byrne Hobart
The Diff

New World Energy
Kenny Rowe
Dalten Collective

DAO Stack
Walter Pearce
Wet Brain

New World Energy
Honor Levy
Wet Brain

New World Energy
Sam panter
gnosis guild

DAO Stack
maggie love

DAO Stack
GaBe Tumlos

DAO Stack
PAUL Gerhardt

DAO Stack
Covid Policy
Prior to your arrival at Assembly, please provide proof of a negative Covid test taken up to 72 hours prior to the event.

There are two options, at-home testing and free Covid testing clinics in Austin relatively close to the venue.

At-home testing: Be sure to select an at home test with a telehealth appointment. We will not accept any without.
- Abbott BinaxNOW™ COVID-19 Ag Card Home Test with eMed Telehealth Services

Austin free Covid testing Clinics:
- Total Men's, Downtown location, appointments until 2pm - RESULTS WITHIN AN HOUR
- Walgreens*, 2501 S Lamar Boulevard, appointments until 4pm - RESULTS WITHIN 24 HOURS
- CVS*, 2610 Lake Austin Blvd, appointments until 3pm - RESULTS WITHIN AN HOUR

*For Walgreens and CVS, make sure you’re selecting a location for the results turnaround you need. Not all locations have testing, and not all locations with testing offer rapid tests.
Feel free to reach out if you have any questions regarding Assembly 2021.

Financial Assistance
We want anyone interested in Urbit to be able to attend Assembly 2021. If you need financial assistance, please reach out via the email form.

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