Assembly Lisboa

28–29 October
Urbit Week
30 October–3 November


This year’s Assembly takes place in Lisbon: Europe’s tech and crypto hub.

Assembly is the largest annual Urbit conference, bringing together Urbit organizations, developers & enthusiasts from around the world.

Expect to find:

  • — Exciting product launches from Urbit companies
  • — Panels from visionary technologists & unfettered cultural critics
  • — Talks from the most distinctive voices in technology & Urbit
  • — The culmination of u/acc & the Assembly Hackathon
  • — Beach hangouts
  • — and of course, Parties

This year we’re doing something new. Immediately following Assembly there will be a week of side events organized by you: Urbit Week Lisboa.

We value IRL contact, therefore no talks will be live-streamed. Some recordings will be available after the event.

Confirmed Speakers

Josh Lehman
Executive Director, UF
Delicious Tacos
Cody Wilson
Designer, Manufacturer
Illia Polosukhin
Co-Founder Near
Jake Brukhman
Founder, Coinfund
Brian Crain
CEO, Chorus One
Isaac Simpson
Founder, WILL the Agency
Evan Fisher
Founder, Portal Ventures
Jack Kruse
Hadrian Belove
Founder, Play Nice
Stefan Ruitenbeek
Filmmaker , KIRAC
Sunny Aggarwal
Co-Founder, Osmosis
Marisa Rowland
VP of Product, Tlon
Noah Kumin
Editor in Chief, Mars Review
Lukas Buehler
VP of Hosting, Tlon
Jon Rafman
Artist, Filmmaker
Ellie Hain
Artist & Researcher
Daniel Lisi
Co-Founder Chapter House
Sam Frank
Simon Denny
Ryan Lambert
Christopher Colby
Co-Founder, %alphabet
Edward Amsden
Engineer, Zorp
Liam Fitzgerald
Engineer, Urbit Foundation
Co-Founder, %alphabet
Chase van Etten
Founder, Vaporware
Andrew Kim
Head of Markets, UF
Founder Taostats & BitAPAI
Urbit Game Builder
Jake Hamilton
Engineer, ~tirrel
Eric Arsenault
CEO Venture Club
Daniel Keller
Artist & Strategist
Louis Parker
Solidity Engineer, Web3 Gaming
Troy Therrien
Float Tank Designer
Milady Sonora Sprite
Elena Velez
Fashion Designer
Writer, Creator
Lukas (computer)
Psyops VP, Remilia Corp
Ted Blackman
Magdalene J. Taylor
Co-Founder, Passage Press
Rick Dudley
Co-Founder Laconic
Rikard Hjort
Web3 Security Engineer
David Sley
Founder Hestia Cigarettes
Trent Gillham
CEO, Holium
Logan Allen
CEO, Zorp
Jose Mejia
Product, FWB
Austin Nelsen
CEO, Native Planet
Seth Feibus
CEO, Archetype
Michael Dragovic
Director of Ops, Remilia Corp
John Hyde
Founder, Turf
Thomas Kroes
Deputy Executive Director, UF
Jae Yang
CEO, Tacen
Roy Blackstone
Creative Director, Shadow War
Ryan Lackey
CSO, Evertas Insurance
Owen Barnes
Christian Langalis
CEO, Tirrel
CTO, Native Planet
Galen Wolfe-Pauly
CEO, Tlon Corporation
Joe Bryan
Staff Engineer, UF

Contact & more

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions regarding Assembly 2023.
[email protected]

Speak at Assembly

Do you want to speak at Assembly, organize a panel or a workshop?  Apply to speak here


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